Remembering each and every person who was lost, may their memory be a blessing.
Dedicated by Mina and Suzanne Goodman

The 70 days team are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Sir Martin Gilbert.
A giant in the field of the history of the Holocaust and a dear friend of the 50 Days, 60 Days and 70 Days projects

Day 70

Professor Yaffa Eliach

A Girl Called Estherke

It was the new month of Sivan, 5704, Spring 1944. Ida, her father, mother, brothers, and sisters were ordered to the train station with the rest of the Jewish Click Here for more community of their Czechoslovakian town. Jews had lived there for generations, but their history was all coming to an abrupt end with a single train ride to Auschwitz. The cattle cars were sealed. More than 80 people were squeezed into a single wagon. Ida and her family managed to stay together, and they comforted each other amidst the choking heat, filth, and fear of the unknown. “Papa, where are they taking us?” Ida asked. “My children, once there was an altar on Mount Moriah in the holy city of ...


Seconds passed in the 70 days for 70 years project
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Yesterday's Entry
The Path to a Jewish Life

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
“Shimon HaTzadik (Simon the Just) used to say: the world stands on three things, on Torah, on avodah and on gemilut chasadim” (Ethics of the Fathers 1:2). Torah is the source of our laws and traditions. Avodah is service of the Almighty through prayer. Gemilut chasadim is achieved through ...

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Fact of the Day

February 2, 2011

To refute Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s claim that the Holocaust never happened, prominent Muslims joined Jews and Christians at the former concentration camp Auschwitz in February 2011 to honour Jewish Holocaust victims.

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Today's Video

The last scene from Steven Speilberg’s movie ‘Shindler’s List’. With the talmudic saying and age-old Jewish concept of “whomever saves one life, saves the world entire”.

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About 70 for 70

70 Days for 70 Years is designed to engage and empower participants in a global project in memory of Holocaust victims and to create a positive learning experience and build a strong Jewish identity.
In January 2015, the 70 Days for 70 Years project begins worldwide, marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, engaging hundreds of thousands of Jews in an uplifting educational and memorial programme. Participants will learn through 70 inspirational essays written by internationally renowned educators, historians and scholars in memory of a Holocaust victim (information provided by Yad Vashem).
Our dream is for every Jewish community worldwide to take part in this project, for every victim to be remembered and for every participant to strengthening their own Jewish knowledge and identity and build the future.

70 Days for 70 Years is a project of The United Synagogue